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Anuncios Lumicolor was born in 1988 due to the need of the graphic industry in the city of Aguascalientes. Over the years we have evolved positioning ourselves as NATIONAL leaders in design, manufacture and installation of all types of illuminated signs, interior and exterior signage.

Committed to our customers, we are characterized by providing a complete service from design to installation and maintenance of our products.


To provide integral solutions of high impact in exterior and interior image, through the conceptualization of our clients' needs, combining design, engineering and experience.


By 2028, to be the benchmark brand in the illuminated sign industry in Mexico.



Thanks to our work team and trajectory, today we have the experience, regulations and appropriate certifications to take our work to any part of the world.

As part of our trajectory, it distinguishes the number of collaborators with multiple specializations and different years of experience, which allow us to maintain a perfect balance between "know how" and innovation in terms of technology and appropriate strategies for the market and its constant changes.

At Anuncios Lumicolor we have the experience and professional staff to guide clients in their projects, from creating a concept to making it a reality.

In all our projects we strive to perform perfectly the development and prototyping of the elements, shop drawings and correct specifications of each one of the elements...

You are in the best hands.

Proyectos de Principio a Fin

We have the experience of specialized and certified personnel for different types of services. We are supported by certificates such as: DC-3 in work at heights, handling of lifting equipment, energy management, controlled descent (rappel), etc...

At the same time, we have a team of specialized vehicles of great capacity; as well as adequate support material for the installation that is needed.

In all our installations, our crews have and use personal and sanitary protection equipment, cordoned off areas, control, evaluation and measurement of risks, life lines, etc...

In addition, each of our units is always properly sanitized and free of viruses.

We know how badly the industry has deteriorated over many years, but we firmly believe that it is reversible if we act now.

In Anuncios Lumicolor we are working every day hand in hand with our collaborators and suppliers to improve this important area. The environmental policies that we imposed on ourselves project from the reduction of electricity consumption of our ads, the optimization of materiality, to the constant search for inputs more akin to our environment.

Although this is not a short road, we are taking the first steps to make the reversal of environmental damage a reality, and we want to be there with our heads held high.

Over the years we have forged lasting relationships with each of our clients. We are proud and satisfied to work hand in hand with great brands, promoting their projects together.

We are proud to have the full confidence and satisfaction to solve projects together, as well as references so solid that we can show them in this panel.


Due to our strategic location in the center of the country, we have the reach to reach all of Mexico. Besides, with offices and CEDIS in the most strategic places of the Mexican Republic, we have the capacity to go anywhere being as competitive as possible.


We have distribution channels and strategic allies that facilitate the process of reaching Canada, USA, LATAM and the Caribbean.